Ayurvedic Remedy works like magic for the treatment of a stye. Whenever I
tried this remedy I have seen it work time and time again. Now I am going to
share this priceless remedy with you in this post.


Best Ayurvedic Remedy for Puffy Eyes

Ayurveda is an alternative system of medicine in which ayurvedic
practice medicine as quacks. Ayurveda medicine system has its
roots in the Indian subcontinent.

1. Triphala Powder

Boil one teaspoon Triphala powder in a cup just for 5 minutes. Strain it
with a fine strainer to ensure no particles remain. Let the decoction cool
and rinse the affected area of the eye with Triphala wash. Repeat this
process three times a day until sty removes.

Triphala is a very famous herbal blend because of its healing benefits. It
is a very effective digestive and laxative, It gently cleans the
gastrointestinal tract by helping to balance all doshas.

2. Proper Digestion

The Indian medical association says that puffiness around the eyes occurs
when our digestion process is disturbed. So ensure that whatever you eat,
gets completely digested. Chew your food effectively and slow with full
attention. Give a gap of at least 4 hours in between meals for proper

3. Eat Collagen-Rich Food

With aging, our body produces less collagen and other naturally occurring
enzymes break collagen down by damaging the skin. Due to the deficiency of
collagen, you should eat collagen-rich foods to repair the skin

Collagen is a basic component of connective tissues that supports the
skin’s structure and makes it firmer.

4. Reduce Salt Intake

Salt contains sodium chloride that causes fluid retention that can lead to
puffiness around the eyes. So try to avoid eating high salted food like
pizza, shawarma, burger, and eat less salted foods like fresh vegetables and

5. Avoid Allergies

Try to find the true reason for your eye allergy. Try to avoid those things
from which you are allergic. Use a good artificial tear eye drop or splash
cold water on your eyes.

6. Cold Compress

Compress the affected area of the eyes with ice or cold water. This helps
to reduce the puffiness of your eyes. Use can purchase a hot and cold pack
from the market for this purpose. Place cucumber slices and chilled tea bags
over your closed eyes to minimize the puffiness.

7. Facial Muscles Exercise

Facial exercise gives comfort or soothes to your eyes and it also promotes
glowing or flawless skin.

8. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Try to drink more water in a day that will keep you hydrated. Cut down the
aerated beverages because they dehydrate the skin and use simple pure

9. Stop Smoking

Try to stop the smoking habit because it causes irritation and itchiness in
the skin due to its toxic effect.

10. Sleep Enough

Doctors say 6-8 hours of sleep is very essential for an active human. If he
does not fulfill his sleep he can not stay active until he completes his
sleep and lack of sleep make your eyes puffy.

Ruman Amjad

Hello, I am Dr. Ruman Amjad, an Ophthalmologist specializing in the field of eye care, particularly focused on helping individuals with swollen eyelids. I am thrilled to welcome you to Swollen-Eyelid.com, a comprehensive resource dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information on eyelid inflammation.


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