If you get a hot tub with too much chlorine you may get a severe eye
infection such as Acanthamoeba Keratitis that is a rare eye infection and
can cause loss of vision or blindness. Chlorine in a hot tub can
cause allergies, redness, itching, puffy and swollen eyelids.
It also can affect your respiratory system or lungs in a negative way such
as with the germ Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.



Why I am Allergic to my Hot Tub?

If there is
too much chlorine or
bromide will vaporize and form a gas that floats just above
the surface of the water. If this vapor is inhaled it can inflame airways or
lungs and your skin may get rash, allergic, and swelling. Before
getting a hot tub you should know what temperature should be a spa pool and

The most recommended temperature for a spa pool is 100-102°F. At this temperature, your body will feel warm, comfortable,
and relaxed. So don’t overheat your body because heat can cause infection
on your skin. The maximum temperature is recommended 104
°F if you cross this limit of temperature your body will overheat

How much Chlorine should be used in a Hot Tub?

The recommended level of chlorine in a hot tub is 3-5mg per liter
of water. The addition of chlorine depends on the usage and bathing
habits. It could be in daily habits 1mg per liter. Maintaining the level
of chlorine in the water saves your body from infection.

How to get rid of Hot tub Bacteria?

  • If chlorine is used properly it helps to kill various germs and
    bacteria. Chlorine-based sanitization methods are the best way
    to kill bacteria in a hot tub.

  • Use a surface cleaner to clean the spa and rinse off the

  • Replace the filter with sanitized and new filter cartridge.
  • Do not use too much chlorine in a hot tub.
  • Don’t overheat your body with an excessive temperature of the water
    and maintain the level of temperature of the water.

  • Balance the water according to the ANSI/NSPI standards.
  • Do not wear contact lenses during getting a hot hub.
  • Hot tub folliculitis solves automatically after a few days. In
    the case of topical treatment, you can use silver sulphadiazine twice
    a day.

Normally infection after a hot tub resolves automatically but In case of
severe or long-term infection, you should see a doctor to treat it.
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